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SKMEI Wheels Rolling Creative Fashion Men Watch - 1990

Stylish Design for Guys:
The SKMEI Men's Watch has a cool design inspired by car wheels, making it unique and fashionable.

Spinning Dial:
The watch has a special spinning dial that can rotate all the way around. It looks like the inside of a machine and is perfect for people who love cars.

Always On Time:
Inside the watch is a Japanese quartz movement, which means it keeps time really well. You can trust it to always show the right time.

The watch can handle being wet. It's good for daily activities like swimming and snorkeling. Just keep in mind, it's not for deep diving.

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Stainless Steel

Discover the Perfect Fusion of Style and Durability in our Stainless Steel Belt Watches.

Rotating Dial

Discover the mesmerizing charm of our new watch with its captivating rotating dial.


Effortlessly Adjust Time with Precision Crown Mechanisms.

SKMEI Assurance

SKMEI Authorized, 100% Genuine Product

6 Months Warranty + 3 Months Extended Warranty

Trusted Indian Quality

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Choices for your wrist

Very good products even 14 yrs boy can wear. Dial is not too big as shown. Overall it is a very good watch

- Gopalan I K

I am using this product for last 4 months , this very good product, and excellent fitting Battery backup is very good and very stylish design I am fully satisfied from this product.
This most beautiful, powerful and long-lasting watch. Very happy with it.

- Rashid | Gurugrama

It's a great watch for the price. It's durable, water-resistant, and easy to read. I also like that it has a wide range of features, including dual time zones, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer.

- Vivek

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